established in
February of 2021

established in February of 2021

SoberFit2020 Accomplishments

SoberFit2020 is a 501(c) 3 and all donations are 100% tax deductible. Below is a recap of the donations we have made to not-for-profit organizations in our effort to assist individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health. 

What we've accomplished sponsored a resident for six months at Bridges Of Hope, Louisville, GA, making it possible for a man to enter the program who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. Additionally, sponsored three holes at the Bridges Of Hope golf tournament last year in memory of Jordan and two of his close friends, Justin Farmer and Luke Furr, who were members of the program and have since passed away. Furthermore, new softball gloves were donated to the men at Bridges Of Hope for their softball team, supporting their recreational activities and team spirit.
Over the past two years, has donated hygiene kits, cinch bags, blankets, clothes, and food to the 4 Recovery Foundation for their community service program supporting the homeless. Additionally, sponsored the month of August for 4 Recovery Foundation’s community service events, enhancing their outreach and impact. Contributions were also made to 4 Recovery Foundation’s fundraiser event to support homeless communities around Atlanta, furthering their mission to provide essential resources and care to those in need.
SoberFit 2020 has donated funds directly to MARR (Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences) to support their mission of providing long-term residential addiction treatment. Through various contributions and collaborative efforts, we have worked together to help individuals on their journey to recovery, ensuring they receive the necessary care and resources to rebuild their lives.

End of year or monthly donations 2021, 2022 and 2023

This is all possible because of the generous donations SoberFit2020 has received from friends, family, acquaintances and For Profit programs that Jordan had been a part of. All of this means so much to us because we are able to help so many people AND we are able to do this in Jordan’s memory. And we know that he would love that.